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Friday, November 11, 2005

Saturday bloody Saturday

I woke up to the joys of motherhood. My children had made a huge mess in the living room and kitchen. Pogs were everywhere on the floor and bowls of cereal were left on the counters. As with any other day like this, I ended up cleaning up after them.
I did 3 loads of laundry, folded 1 load, cleaned out the entire refrigerator, sweeped and mopped the house, and right now I'm frying up Danny's favorite 'Garlic Chicken.' The ubiquitous aroma is quite pleasing, I must say.
When will I have time to make more candles, soaps, room sprays and lotions? I've got a crapload of supplies that are calling out my name to be made into something. Come to think of it, I need to check the PO to see if more supplies have arrived. I've ordered more bottles, molds and scents to play with. I need to solidify my labels, quick!!!!!! The holidays are fast approaching and orders are piling in. Time management skills I have none...
Also, the boys' Old Navy clothes should be arriving soon too.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday to US!

Ahh! Today, my best friend, Clarice and I enjoyed ourselves in the lap of luxury. We both got our hairs colored, cut and styled, pedicures and only she got a manicure. For some reason, I don't care for manicures. The horrendous amount of time my hands are kept busy destroys any chance of nail polish lasting a day on my precious fingers. However, my toes are glistening with a delicious Bing Cherry Red coating. How sexy is that?
My chameleon-like character requested a creamy chocolate brown today. I just had to get rid of the coarse bleach highlights I've had for 2 years! Ugh! Been there, done that!!
Our birthdays are only 3 days apart so we both decided to treat ourselves (okay, on our husband's expense) to a girl's day out. She works at GPSS, so today (Veteran's Day) was the only day we were able to celebrate together. Our uncanny similarities provides us the opportunity to attain the same services.
Also, we are both going back next Saturday for a complete facial spa treatment. Hooray for hubby's!
I really have to get batteries for my camera so that I can post what Danny and the kids got me for my birthday. It's absolutely divine!

Mmmm, doesn't it look awesome?

I haven't come across these on the local scene. Luckily enough, if I did, I would've purchased a ton of 'em just to have around. This fits my blog id, don't you think?

*the second photo, I got off of Mariko's site...

My First Blog Ev-uh!

Where do I begin? My life is forever consumed by continuous chaos. Having 4 beautiful children, a charming Husband, 5 dogs (Rottweiler Roxy, Long-haired Chihuahua Gizmo, 3 pitbulls-Chico, Rocky and Nani), 1 cat (Grey Tabby Garfield), 100+ hobbies and college life has played a heavy toll on my quest to create a decent and worthwhile blog site.
My ever growing collection of treasures has found a home. I've amassed items for you to enjoy, to envy, to desire or maybe even be repulsed with.
Sit back and enjoy the ride!