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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What a laugh!

Due to my first experience with a blogger/comment basher, I've decided to remove personal photos of my family. It seems that freedom of speech isn't always considered freedom of speech on blogs. It's so sad that idiots easily misconstrue and become offended by simple typed words.
Anonymous posters really are haters in disguise. Regardless, I speak my mind so love it or leave it! Also, I've learned that not all blogs are worth my time, too! Now I wonder if my post will cause this disturbed person to lash back at me. Hahaha, BRING IT!

Up All Night

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I'm burning the midnight oil tonight! My 14 year old daughter is a graduating 8th grader at Saint Anthony Catholic School. I'm so proud of her accomplishments! Her Awards Banquet is tomorrow evening and I'm taking care of some business obligations for her school.

My how she has grown so fast...and I'm getting old!
It's approaching 2 am and I'm not even half way done. So, I will be away from my blog until after her commencement exercise on Saturday.

Have a wonderful and safe week everybody!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Purple Cupcake's Evil Days!

I was inspired by Jairam to post an interesting meme. As she stated, "I'm mustering enough guts to put my "Wild Side" list (in my distant past) in print for all to see. Warning: you will not like what you'll find out here!"

So, I will do the same and I challenge you to do the same...

~I was a SPOILED brat as a child. Being the youngest of only 2 girls, you can imagine what I got away with. My sister hates me!
~I went to a private all-girl Catholic high school. I used to bring vodka in a thermos to school everyday and share it with my friends.
~I smoked in high school because my friends smoked, but I NEVER inhaled! I hung around with the 'wrong' crowd.
~I've tried all sorts of illegal drugs there is except heroine and ecstacy. (Edited to add: during a week long vacation off island, just so some of you don't think there's some sort of drug epidemic here as some might assume.)
~I crashed my brand spankin' new truck when I was 16 years old. The truck was only 1 week old and I was speeding. My father had it fixed in less than a week and I was back to driving it. NO punishment! (Refer to first item)
~I have tattoos. My eyebrows and one on my leg.
~My friends and I got caught skipping school. Therefore, having the graduation class trip cancelled. The whole class hated us.
~I was suspended for fighting at my all-girl Catholic high school and had to be transfered to the only other private all-girl Catholic high school there was...ugh!

At present:
~I am a faithful wife and a loving mother of 4 beautiful children. I am proud to say that I am a non-smoker (of any kind of smoke) and I haven't touched alcohol since high school! It never really caught on with me. I still have my tattoos and I haven't been responsible for any car accidents since...so? Am I evil now?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I got tagged!

Jairam (a sweet girl I've come to know through blogging) is officially the first person to 'tag' me. I've read about people being tagged to do meme's and had always wished I could be tagged for something. So to Jairam, thank you!

Ten simple things that make me smile and say "Life is good!"

1. Hearing my kids call out 'Mommy' for any reason.
2. Feeling the warmth of my husband's body when I sleep at night.
3. Knowing my father is happy and in good health.
4. Doing a good deed for a total stranger and seeing them smile.
5. The sale of any of my homemade bath and beauty products or party favors.
6. The sound of my kids laughing and getting along with one another.
7. My husband telling me to go shopping without a spending limit.
8. Making dates with my friends to go to the beauty salon for hair coloring, pedicures and what-nots.
9. Being alone in my car, blasting my favorite CD and (embarassing myself by) singing outloud.
10. Meeting wonderful people, like you, through blogging.

I'm tagging Karen, Purple Girl, Coconut & Lime, Pink Lucy, Suzanne R., Stepped In Cupcake Batter, The Baker's Rack, Aimee Roo, Pradeep, and of course, Shionge. However, if anyone else wants to join in, do so and let me know so I could read what you posted.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Code movie...

The movie has been out since the 19th and I still haven't watched it. I had previously blogged about it after I had read the book, which I love! Can you believe that there are religious groups boycotting the movie? They stand outside the theaters holding up signs that say "Da Vinci Code-Blasphemy!"
I mean, that would really make me feel uncomfortable walking into the theater with them there. They'd probably look at me and make me feel like an atheist or something.
To me, it's the entertainment factor that draws me to watch it and I have no doubt in my faith whatsoever. Plus, I really enjoy watching movies that Tom Hanks plays in. Regardless of the 'truth', it won't have any effect on whether or not I believe in God or how I feel about Jesus or Mary Magdelene.
Even my 14 year old daughter wants to watch it and we both share the same thoughts about it. I don't think this movie would brain wash us!!!
So, has anyone watched it? I've read critic reviews stating that the movie didn't capture the true meaning the book intended and that it wasn't suspenseful as the book, too.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Candy Swappers Round #2

It's ON, again! Round 2 of Candy Swappers has been officially announced by Mariko. The deadline to sign up is May 12 so hurry up and check it out if you love snail mail, sweeties and getting to know wonderful people. (i.e. Karen)
This month's theme is 'Spring Fever'. Basically, you would swap for candies that remind you of Spring, are packaged in Spring colors or only sold during Spring. My last swap went well and Mariko made a few slight changes to help prevent against reoccuring flakers or as she politely called them 'busy people.' It's not a secret swap anymore. So sign up and let the goodies roll!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yummy dessert erasers...

I've seen people blog about these erasers from time to time and I always think to myself "I want those, too!" Oddly, I've never ordered them yet...so many things to do so little time to do them. I've also been wanting to order cupcake earrings but haven't done so, either. You can get these at www.fredflare.com. Aren't they the cutest? I'm a sucker for anything in cute packaging especially if it has anything to do with sweets! I buy up candies just because they're limited editions and simply if it's just darn cute, or kawaii. It's a bad habit as you will soon learn that I have many bad habits.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Swap craze here I cometh!

Remember my blog about Candy Swappers? Well, that was my first taste of the swapping life and I think there's no turning back from the swapping scene! I have that habit. I participated in May's Foodie Swap. This month's theme is '3 things you can't live without.' That's hard because I can't live without many food things, so I will have to limit it to just 3. Fine!
Joleen also suggested the Color-iffic swap, and I think I just may participate in that one. I missed the 'purple' themed swap. Shucks!
I just hope I don't go into swap overload where I end up committing to too many swaps at one time. I seriously don't want to flake out on anyone. I was thinking of becoming a 'swap angel', too! We'll see how that turns out.